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High Temp Front Loading Furnaces


Our low inertia, energy efficient bench top size front loading furnace minimizes energy consumption while it maximizes heat, reaching maximum temperature in twenty minutes. This fast heating unit is also fast cooling and requires less power to operate than conventional furnaces. It features a clear workspace 10” wide, 10” deep, and 8” high. 250 degree door swing provides ample access to the work chamber.


2192 F/1200 C 
2912 F/1600 C 
3100 F/1704 C

STANDARD SIZES (Working Volume)

From our standard bench top unit (10” x 10” x 8” clear workspace) up to 64 cubic feet.


Rugged fireproof “asbestos free” insulation panels of state of the art fiber refractory specially treated to withstand frequent fast-heating, fast-cooling cycles.


Non steel shell alleviates burning and warping but retains wall shape, thus preventing unpredictable refractory movement and cracking, reducing radiation heat loss and subsequent failure, assuring longest possible furnace life.


Wire wound elements embedded in fiberboard insulation panels or in ceramic panels are used in our 1200 C units. Molydisilicide elements, used in our 1600 C and 1700 C units, are quick responding and do not require resistance matching. They are connected and supported with split, solid aluminum buss-bars or ceramic supports with braid connectors. Many sizes of replacement elements are maintained in stock.


Standard packages include programmable temperature controller; over temperature protection system; SCR; transformer; and thermocouple. Control systems are mounted in a steel cabinet. Custom control packages are available upon request.

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