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High Temp Bottom Loading Furnaces

Models with octagonal hot zones range in workspace size from 5.5” in diameter and 6” high to 11.5” in diameter and 11.5” high.

Models with square bottom loading hot zones range in workspace size from 6” x 6” x 6” high to 12” x 12” x 12” high.


2192 F/1600C. 3100 F/1704 C. 3272 F/1800 C.


We pretreat the most advanced lightweight fiber refractories and secure them within a steel shell. This permits frequent fast heating and cooling cycles. Most internal chambers are octagonal for structural strength and heat focus. The shape is maintained even when hot wall refractory shrinkage occurs, avoiding unpredictable cracking and subsequent failure.


Double shell construction limits the outside surface temperature to less than 200 F without an auxiliary cooling fan or blower.


Molydisilicide elements are quick responding and do not require resistance matching. Elements are connected and supported with split, solid connectors.
Many sizes of replacement elements are maintained in stock.


Airlift mechanisms are standard. These require 100 psi compressed air for smoothest operation. Electric actuator lifts are also available for an additional fee.


All High Temp furnaces come complete with Control Cabinets. Standard packages include a programmable temperature controller; over temperature protection; SCR power controller; transformer; and thermocouples.


The model “CVT” Combination Bottom Loading/ Vertical Tube Furnace permits both sample processing in air in the center of the hot zone with no tube present and in atmospheres with the tube in place. The tube is removed and special plugs are placed in the furnace top and bottom loading platform to easily transform the unit into a standard box furnace. Pneumatic and electric lift systems are available.

The model DT-36 2000 C In Air Bottom Loading Furnace is based on zirconia heating elements. Workspace 5 in. diameter and 6 in. high. Molydisilicide heating elements in an outer chamber are used to bring the zirconia elements in the hot zone to their conductive temperature of 1200 C. The control system features a dual channel microprocessor which eases transition between the two sets of elements and delivers accurate control to each set of elements separately. Multiple SCRs ensure even power distribution to every element. Over temperature protection is included in the package.



Catalog Number Description
090E-115 5 1/2” Diameter x 6” Height, Maximum Temperature of 2800 F
090E-120 8” Diameter x 12” Height, Maximum Temperature of 3272 F



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