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High Performance Furnace (up to 1700 deg. C)


Unique Door Design
•Unique door mechanism provides safe, easy door operation.
•Door is spring loaded for safe, easy opening and closing. 
•Self-aligning door seal is incorporated to minimize heat loss and increase chamber uniformity.

Interchangeable Control Modules
Programmable control modules are interchangeable to allow operator flexibility and ease of access if interchanging is needed. Simply remove control module from sleeve and insert the other controller. 

Fast Heat-up
•The furnace can reach 1700°C in under 1 hour.
•Heat-up rate allows for optimum element life. (Faster heat-up rates may endanger SuperKanthal 33 elements.) 
•Continuous air circulation maintains cool case temperature of 50°C at maximum chamber temperature of 1700°C and ensures longevity of electronic components.

Unitized Controller
•The combination of chamber and controller requires only one electrical hook-up and saves bench space. 
•Two inert gas injection ports: one on top of the unit and one on back. Ports are 0.38″ (0.95 cm) diameter and are supplied with plugs.
•No power cord supplied. Electrical connection requires fixed wiring.


•Controllers have RS232 digital communications as standard feature.
•Extremely reliable control units are backed by a 24 month warranty.
Digital programmable control with one stored program of 8 segments. The furnaces that use this control also utilize a mechanical Over Temperature Protection relay.


This 1700°C furnace is ideally suited for wide variety of high temperature applications:

•Composite research.
•Precious and exotic metals treatment.
•High temperature ceramic research.
•Powder Metallurgy.




Catalog Number Model Amps Operating Temp Dimensions Stabilization Amps Stabilization Watts Shipping Weight
090E-150 F46100 40 C 800 – 1700 18″(D) x 18”(H) x 28”(W) 10 2500 165 Lbs
090E-152 F46200 40 C 800 – 1700 22″(D) x 22.5”(H) x 34”(W) 21 5000 255 Lbs



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