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Handheld Thermocouple Thermometer


These Digital Temperature Measurement Devices are easy to use and configured for basic temperature monitoring. They feature a 4 button sealed silicone rubber keypad, on/off switch, capture mode,°C or °F mode, single point calibration offset and calibration lockout. They  operate on two “AA” batteries, included, with a minimum battery life of 500 hours and have a low battery indicator. The digital readout is a bright LCD display, and the meter is housed in polycarbonate plastic. Dimensions are 3.3″ x 1.2″ x 6.2″ (H). Shipping Weight is 0.7 Lbs. Manufacturers warranty is 3 years from date of shipment.

The thermocouple thermometer requires a probe to measure the temperature, These probes are convenient to use, detachable from the thermometer and have ANSI color coded mini conductors. The most common probe used is the general purpose probe, used for liquids, gases or semisolids. The sheath is 316 stainless steel. The maximum temperature is 1,372 °C. Read time is 6 seconds.




130C-010 Digital, Thermometer w/ K type, Thermocouple 3580 MINUS 250 to 1373C 0.1 C -1999.99 TO 999.9
130C-011 K Probe 5″, 5′ PVC, Coiled Cable 3582.2 MINUS 250 to 899C 0.1 C
130C-012 Protective, Integrative Stand 3580.3    
130C-013 Digital, Thermometer Kit Handheld, LCD Display Dual input jacks for K thermometers, For Type K,J,T,E probes H 3564 MINUS 50 to 1093C 0.1C F/K <1000
1C F/K >1000
130C-014 Thermometer, traceable, F/C, switchable accepts all type K, J and T, probes, Computer compatible HT 4007 MINUS 200 to 1370C 0.1 from -200 to 640C
Accuracy +/- 1C



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