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Agate Mortar and Pestle


The high degree of chemical purity of the agate (99.91% SiO2) provides exceptional abrasion resistance to this grinding apparatus. All mortars have a symmetrical octagonal shape and are exacting in design and workmanship and come with a suitable pestle.

Mortar and pestle sets are also available in ceramic, cast iron, and vase style.

Volume range 10ml-600ml

Catalog Number Ext. Dia. Int. Dia. Volume Weight
010G-075 50mm 45mm 10ml 140g
010G-076 75mm 65mm 30ml 360g
010G-077 100mm 90mm 55ml 710g
010G-078 125mm 105mm 110ml 1350g
010G-079 150mm 130mm 200ml 2300g
010G-080 175mm 150mm 350ml 3600g
010G-081 200mm 175mm 600ml 5300g
010G-175 66mm 50mm 18ml 160g
010G-177 120mm 91mm 55ml 750g
010G-178 140mm 107mm 110ml 1400g
010G-179 170mm 130mm 200ml 2400g

Cast Iron Mortar & Pestle

Iron Mortar and Pestle for field use, to pulverize small samples for analysis by hand.

Catalog Number Description Volume Shipping Weight
010G-086 Cast Iron Mortar 1 Quart 20 lbs

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