Gold Miser

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Designed to recover gold and other heavy minerals from placer deposits. Ideal for sampling placer deposits for evaluation of mineral content or for processing small high-grade placers for recovery of gold, tin, tungsten, or other heavy minerals.

Principle of Operation

Feed up to 3″ in size is either manually shoveled into the hopper or fed by conveyor at a rate of 2 to 3 cubic yards per hour. Water is added to help disintegrate clay and wash the values off of the oversize material in the trommel section. Lifter bars are provided to assist in breaking down clay.

The oversize fraction is discharged from the trommel. An internal ring at the end of the trommel serves as a “nugget trap”.
The approximately minus 3/16-inch material passes through the trammel screen and is sluiced and conveyed by flights positioned on the inside of the outer trommel as feed to the shaking riffle. The feed material cascades over the multi-stage riffle. A lateral shaking action keeps the bed of sand in the riffle alive and permits the heavier minerals, both coarse and fine, to be trapped in the riffle pockets. Riffle pan is suspended from rubber sheathed cables to eliminate noise and wear. The slope of the riffle pan is adjustable to alter the retention time of the sands in the riffle bed. Periodically, the riffle is removed to empty the heavy values and the feed cycle is repeated. Tailings flow down the riffle and out the discharge chute by gravity


Unit mounted on water tank sub-base of sturdy design for portability.
Trommel unit is removable and furnished with internal sand flights.
Internal trommel screen is bolted to external trammel and replaceable.
Riffle is of molded urethane and supported by rubber-sheathed cables.
Standard packed seal water purge is provided. Includes wash hose connection in discharge line.
V-belt drive, enclosed reducer, and 2.5 HP Briggs and Stratton standard gasoline engine with centrifugal clutch.


The unit is self-contained, portable, relatively light, and designed to fit into a pickup truck on a small trailer. Bottom is skidded for movement short distances over land.
Lifters are provided in the trammel section to enhance the scrubbing action.
The trommel screen section is replaceable as it is bolted (not welded) to the main trommel.
The trommel rolls on four rubber-covered rollers.
The trommel section and other components can be removed to limit component weight to less than 180 pounds for air shipment or mule back transportation.
Unit has it’s own built-in water storage tank and self-priming pumping system that delivers
water to the feed hopper and trammel section.
The riffle is of molder urethane for wear and to reduce handling weight.
Unit is driven by an air-cooled standard “Briggs and Stratton gasoline engine.

Catalog Number Description
050H-010 Gold Miser w/2.5 HP Gasoline Engine
050H-017 Gold Miser with single phase electric drive