Electric Tilting Melting Furnace

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This series of electric tilting furnaces are used for smelting gold, silver, copper and base alloys for pouring ingots. Each furnace has a silicon carbide pouring crucible with extended lip, single set point digital temperature controller with LED readout, hand operated breaking winch for precise tilting and pouring, vented lid with latch, Thermal Ceramic K23 insulating brick lining, 2″ mineral wool insulation, sturdy structural steel frame and stainless steel case. Capable of operating up to 2,300F (1,260C).

Melting furnace #400 is rated at 400 pounds of aluminum. Melt times are dependent upon many factors, but primarily the size of metal being melted is a primary factor in melt time. Generally, the finer the material the quicker the melt. For instance, sand sized aluminum will melt much faster than two inch particles of aluminum. Aluminum melts at 1,202F, so with a furnace temperature of 2,300F, it will melt fairly quickly, depending upon other factors, once the furnace gets to operating temperature. Another feature of the #400 furnace, is it is made to be lifted with a forklift, for mobility.

These popular melting and tilting pour furnaces feature automatic temperature controls with digital readout, which means that the furnace maintains temperature set by operator.

They have a rugged yet light weight construction for long life, a vented lid which latches in up position, a heavy wall clay graphite crucible with spout, and a insulating brick lining for maximum heat retention. A Braking Winch allows for precise pouring and provides safe movement during pour.

Catalog Number Description Max Temp (F) Red Brass (lbs) Ship Weight
090H-050 Tilting Furnace 16 2300F 70 lbs 300 lbs.
090H-020 Tilting Furnace 60 2300F 200 lbs 500 lbs.
090H-021 Tilting Furnace 150 2300F 450 lbs 700 lbs
090H-022 Tilting Furnace 225 2300F 700 lbs 900 lbs.
090H-023 Tilting Furnace 300 2300F 900 lbs 1000 lbs.
090H-055 Tilting Furnace 400 2300F 1,200 lbs 1200 lbs
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