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Double Shaft Sigma Blade Mixers


The Double Shaft Sigma Blade Mixer consists of two counterrotating blades in a rectangular trough, curved at the bottom to form two half cylinders and a saddle section. The blades are either direct driven or driven by means of a belt drive. The bowl tilts for discharge of mixed material. Mechanical discharge is used to tilt the small mixers, and hydraulic discharge is used to tilt the larger mixers.

These mixers are heavy duty and designed for high viscosity, difficult to mix material. Mixing action is accomplished by smearing, stretching, folding, dividing and recombining the material as it is pulled and squeezed against the sigma blades, saddles and walls of the trough. Our tangential sigma blade mixers have the blades running at differential speeds, with the advantages of faster mixing resulting from the constant change of relative position of the material, increased wiped heat transfer area per unit volume and less material above the blades.

The sigma blade mixer is capable of mixing either wet or dry materials. The working volume of a sigma blade mixer is the volume from the bottom of the trough to the top of the blades. Refer to the tables below for capacities and horsepower requirements for our various sigma blade mixers.

Standard material of construction is stainless steel.

Model Number Bowl Size Mixing Cap. Height Floor Space Motor HP Weight
080G-001 1 1/2 12 in. 18″ x 24″ 1/2 290
080G-002 2 1 18 in. 24″ x 33″ 1 390
080G-003 4 2 20 in. 26″ x 36″ 1.5 575
080G-004 8 5 39 in. 30″ x 60″ 3 1,800
080G-005 20 10 46 in. 38″ x 75″ 5 3,100

Note: The 1 to 4 gallon bowl size mixers are bench top and have minimal discharge clearance.
The mixers larger than 4 gallon bowl size have a minimum of 23 inches discharge clearance from the floor.