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Water Distillation


Fi-Streem Stills produce high quality ASTM Type II water and can remove inorganic ions, dissolved gasses, organics, particles, bacteria, pyrogens and nucleases from water and produces 4 to 8 liters of bi-distilled (double distilled) water per hour.

The bi-distillation process increases water purity to above 1 megaohm/cm2. Product water can be stored in the 30L reservoir that is available.


Feed Water Type: Tap or Pretreated. If tap water feed is used, a pre-treatment cartridge is required. 
Feed Water Operational Temperature Range: 40° to 120°F
Feed Water Cooling Water Temperature: 40° to 86°F

Cooling Water (Liters Per Hour): 60/120
Number Of Heaters Utilized: 4
Product Water Capacity (Liters Per Hour): 4/8 (Bi-Distilled)
Physical Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 14.75 x 18 x 29.5 inches Operating Weight: 67 pounds
Electrical: 240V, 30A , 1 Phase AC current
Certification: CSA, cCSAus and CE



Catalog Number Description Feed
130E-010 4 liters per hour Tap Water
130E-011 4 liters per hour Pretreated Water
130E-012 8 liters per hour Tap Water
130E-013 8 liters per hour Pretreated Water
130E-014 Optional 30 liter reservoir with level control 4 liters per hour




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