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Diaphragm Pump

This Diaphragm Pump is a positive displacement pump for metering up to 4 GPM of liquids and slurries in mineral, chemical, and other industrial type pilot plants and small commercial installations. It cab handle any slurries that will flow by gravity. The pump has a suction and pressure discharge up to 30’ TDH.

Ideal for metering thickener or hydro classifier underflows, slurries, or liquids from agitated storage vessels.



  1. Designed to physically withstand unbalanced loads imposed during normal or upset conditions.
  2. Capacity adjustable over full range thru manual stroke adjustment and speed adjustable with optional D.C. variable speed motor drive (recommended for fluctuating conditions).
  3. Meters slurries as well as liquids.
  4. Available in variety of materials of construction to handle neutral or corrosive conditions.
  5. Designed for minimum maintenance with easy access to all parts.
  6. Many parts available from local supply houses.

CAPACITY: Capacity pumping water: 4 GPM maximum at 1” stroke and 60 rpm. Maximum TDH = 30’ 


Pump body: Rigid PVC (polyvinyl chloride).
Check valves: PVC body with centerless ground ceramic ball valves and replaceable Neoprene valve seats.

Diaphragm: Neoprene with cloth Insert; other elastomers available for special applications. Diaphragm supports: Inner and outer of mild steel. Available stainless and other alloys. Diaphragm hold-down ring: Mild steel, available stainless and other alloys.
Connecting rod: Mild steel, available stain less and other alloys.

Eccentric assembly: Bronze eccentric adjustable from 0 to 1”; shaft with self-aligning ball bearings.

Variable speed drive (standard): V-belt drive and 1/2 hp DC variable speed gear motor with remote controller for range 0 to 54 rpm.

Constant speed drive (optional): V-belt drive and 1/2 hp gear motor for 25 to 54 rpm. Drive guard: Standard expanded metal, OSHA type.

Base: Common fabricated steel pump and gear motor base. Support base (optional): Fabricated to suit height.

Paint: Standard Rustoleum primer and finish coat machinery green. Sand blasting and epoxy paint for corrosive


Catalog Number Description
030B-001 Diaphragm Pump with variable speed drive
030B-003 Spare parts kit for diaphragm pump

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