Continuous Hyrdoclassifier



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Fax: 310 830 9336


The Hydroclassifier is suitable for a variety of classification, desliming and washing problems in continuous testing. By splitting a portion of the pulp circuit in large tonnage plants to a Hydroclassifier, useful operating and control information can be easily and accurately obtained.

Specifications of the Hydroclassifier are similar to those of the commercial unit. A totally enclosed gear drives the steel shaft and spiral rakes. The bottom washing cone insures the complete removal of any mechanically entrapped fine material. Welded steel tank and sturdy frame make this a self-contained portable unit. Discharge is controlled by a spigot, or positively metered by the 3/4″ Suction-Pressure Diaphragm Pump, which is included with the Hydroclassifier. Standard material of construction is mild steel. Acid resistant materials can be furnished.


Catalog Number Machine Size (in.) Overflow Capacity Tons/24 hours
100 Mesh
Overflow Capacity Tons/24 hours
325 Mesh
Rake RPM Motor HP Appr. Shipping Weight Pounds
050B-021 30 15 2.8 3-6 1/4 505
050B-022 36 22 4.0 3-6 1/4 555
050B-023 48 39 7.2 2-5 1/2 990
050B-X23 72 86 16 2-3 3/4 1,600
050B-X24 96 154 29 1-2 1 2,200
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