Concentration Tables
No. 6 and No. 14

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The Super Duty Diagonal-Deck No. 6 Concentrating Table, equipped with pool sand riffling, handles from 20 to 50 tons of fine sand feed, and 30 to 150 tons of coarse sand per 24 hours – depending on character of ore and operating considerations. Feed may be classified or unclassified as metallurgical considerations indicate. Sand feed is normally considered as being in the 1/8” to 100 to 150 mesh range. Concentrating Table, when equipped with slime riffling, is normally used for handling material in the minus 100 to 150 mesh range. Capacity varies between 10 and 24 tons per 24 hours – depending on ore and operation considerations.

The smaller No.14 Super Duty Table has half the deck area and half the capacity of they full-size No. 6. It utilizes the same head motion and other parts, only the deck is smaller. The No. 14 is used as either a half size commercial unit or lab table.

The Diagonal-Deck produces maximum benefits from deck area and riffling through the response of the natural tendencies of the pulp traversing the table. Motion of the table in conjunction with the component forces exerted by the side tilt and cross flow of water, assisted by the riffles, acts continuously upon the pulp as it moves along the path of longest travel possible on any table deck. The results are highest possible metallurgical efficiency, and maximum single-deck capacity per unit of floor spaceThe Concenco Head Motion, enclosed and running in oil, is regularly supplied with Super Duty Diagonal Deck Concentrating Tables. It is self-oiling and splash – proof. Simple and rugged, it’s equipped with anti-friction bearings for utmost dependability. This head motion coordinates stroke and differential for optimum results at any setting. Stroke may be changed with table in operation.


Covers and Riffles

The deck is normally furnished with a one-piece Concenco ultra-smooth rubber cover and cemented rubber riffles for high-resistance to abrasion, long life and low cost. The pool riffling system is the basis of all good riffling systems and is the result of years of research and experience in the ore dressing field, It’s the most efficient available for the recovery of values. We provide the proper pool riffling system to meet your exact operating conditions. Sand riffling is used for feeds sized from 1/8” to 100 mesh. Slime riffling is used for feeds sized from 100 mesh to 325 mesh. In order to effect a good separation using tables, generally about a difference of 1 specific gravity unit is required between the product to be separated and the refuse.


Dimensions are 10.1” x 20.6” x 10.8”(H)
Power supply is external AC power, either 110 V/1 Ph/60 Hz, or 220 V/1 Ph/50 Hz.

Catalog Number Description Capacity (Ton/hour) Ship Weight Deck Size
050C-010 No. 14 Table 0.4 – 1 2100 lbs 54 x 100
050C-020 No. 16 Table 0.8 – 2 3600 lbs 169 x 73
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