CBW 6a, 12a 35a, 65a, 100a


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Category –  100D

The CBW series of scales offer all of the features called for in industrial and production applications – ease of use, simple robust construction for factory floor durability, and just the right levels of performance.

The sample quantity is freely selectable, and be- cause the bigger the sample the better the result, when used as a counting scale, the software in the machine automatically updates and enhances its average piece weight data as components are loaded onto the plate during counting.

Clear, well spaced keys ensure accurate data entry. Three separate LCD displays clearly show the total weight, the unit weight and the quantity.

Balances include a large stainless steel weigh platforn, Optional RS 232 bi-directional interface. Manufacturer is ISO 9000 certified.
Dimensions are 4.5” (H), 13.5” (W), 12” (D). Linearity between +/- 0.1 g to 2 g.

Power supply is external AC power, either 110 V/1 Ph/60 Hz, or 220 V/1 Ph/50 Hz.

Model Number Capacity Readability Platform Size
CBW 6a 3,000 g 0.1 g 10.8” x 8.9”
CBW 35a 15,000 g 0.5 g 10.8” x 8.9”
CBW 65a 30,000 g 1g 10.8” x 8.9”
CBW 100a 45,000 g 2g 10.8” x 8.9”


Optional back lit display and density determination kit is available for these balances.


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