CBC Scale


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The CBCa series of counting scales offer all of the features called for in industrial warehousing and production applications – ease of use, simple robust construction for factory floor durability, genuine portability, and just the right levels of counting performance.

With a powerful rechargeable battery and automatic charging when operating the scales from the AC mains supply these units can be used anywhere – on or off site – at any time.

Operation is easy: Either place a known quantity on the scale or enter a known unit weight. The scale will automatically display the total count of all parts on the pan as well as calculate and display the unit weight of the part. The sample quantity is freely selectable and because the bigger the sample the better the result, the software in the machine automatically updates and enhances its average piece weight data as components are loaded onto the pan during counting.

Clear, well spaced keys ensure accurate data entry and three separate LCD displays clearly show the total weight, the unit weight and the quantity.

The memory accumulation feature keeps a running tally of each individual count – invaluable in batch counting operations or when counting large quantities of the same part.

The display will show the total on the scales, the overall total and the number of batches counted. For goods inward checkweighing or for batching a simple key-press will program the scales with any predetermined quantity. A buzzer sounds when the quantity is reached or exceeded.



Catalog Number Model Number Capacity Readability Platform Size
100B-032 CBC 6a 6lb / 3000g 0.0002lb / 0.1g 275 × 225mm / 10.8 × 8.9”
100B-034 CBC 12a 12lb / 6000g 0.0005lb / 0.2g 275 × 225mm / 10.8 × 8.9”
100B-036 CBC 35a 35lb / 15kg 0.001lb / 0.5g 275 × 225mm / 10.8 × 8.9”
100B-038 CBC 65a 65lb / 30kg 0.002lb / 1g 275 × 225mm / 10.8 × 8.9”
100B-040 CBC 100a 100lb / 45kg 0.005lb / 2g 275 × 225mm / 10.8 × 8.9”

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