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Sepor now offers a complete line of small-scale pilot plants for the extractive industries. Pilot plant testing is an industry accepted, relatively low cost method of confirming and optimizing process plant design parameters that are based on bench scale test results.

For new projects, pilot plants assist in operational viability or “Proof of Concept”. The added benefits are that the plants generate market samples of the final product thus reducing risk. The data and samples can be utilized in the design of a full scale plant; again lowering CAPEX risk.

For established operations, pilot plants can assist in troubleshooting process problems without interrupting production at the main plant, or testing operational changes before implementing in full scale operations.

Pilot Plant testing is the best method to:

  • Prove critical components
  • Establish viability of new equipment
  • Minimize technical, environmental, operational and commercial risk


Merrill Crowe Systems

The Sepor Merrill Crowe circuit, which processes gold/silver bearing cyanide solutions, is a proven unit that has years of service in the field around the globe. It is the standard for non-activated charcoal based precious metals recovery, consisting of a clarifier, de-aerator, zinc precipitator and finally precipitate filtration.

Sepor offers a smaller, 10 gpm unit or the 50 gpm unit, both with various options for clarification and filtration systems scaled to fit your budget and operation.

Skid Mounted Sectional Plants

Sepor is proud to announce our advances in pilot scale ‘skid mounted’ plants.  We can design and install small scale crushing and screening sections; pilot sized continuous milling skids; hydrocyclone classifier/screw classifier skids; agitated leach sections; thickener/CCD sections; Carbon in Column, Carbon in Pulp, Carbon in Leach skids; carbon strip tanks (atmospheric or pressure processing up to 500 kg carbon per batch) as well as drum or press filtration skids, flotation or gravity recovery skids of various types and conveying or storage systems to go with all of the above.

Contact Sepor with your needs and we are happy to provide you with a basic flowsheet.  Pick and choose among the types of skids, and we will put them all together for you.