Batch Ball or Rod Mill Container


Sepor’s batch ball and rod mills are designed to give size reduction of laboratory quantities of minerals and ores. Feed size should generally be -1/8″, for ball mill and -1/2″ for rod mill. They are of a sturdy, rugged design to handle frequent use with hard materials. The batch ball and rod mills require a drive roll to rotate the mills.  The batch ball mill should be run between 56 RPM and 70 RPM. The batch rod mill should be run between 47 RPM and 79 RPM.

Sepor has two series of drive rolls, the 5″ diameter roll drive rolls and the  2″/2.5″ diameter drive rolls. Both drive rolls have variable speed drives, for operating the mill at the desired revolutions. Either wet grinding or dry grinding may be conducted in the batch ball and rod mills. The jars should be charged with at least 20 pounds of balls (or rods for the rod mill), and 25%to 40%, by volume, material to be ground (1.4 liters to 2 liters).

The batch ball and rod mill consists of the grinding cylinder with four lifter bars, machined rolling rings, threaded removable yoke, hand lever for tightening and loosening the lid, a machined lid with neoprene gasket.  Grinding media is ordered separately and are available in a variety of materials of composition including carbon steel and stainless steel (rods & balls) or non metallic media such as alumina and zirconia (balls/cylinders).  

Catalog Number Description Net Weight (lbs.) Total Volume (L)
010E-007/008 Mild Steel Ball/Rod Mill, 8″ ID x 10.5″ 45 8
010E-013/014 Stainless Steel Ball/Rod Mill, 8″ ID x 10.5″ 45 8
010E-015 Ball Mill Charge, Carbon Steel 20
010E-016 Rod Mill Charge, Carbon Steel 20
010E-098 Stainless Steel Ball Mill Charge 20
010E-099 Stainless Steel Rod Mill Charge 20
010E-010 Extra Rubber Gasket

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