Attritor Stirred Ball Mill



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Attritors or stirred ball mill is a simple and effective method of grinding and dispersing fine and homogenous material quickly and repeatedly. The Attritor can operate with wet or dry grinding, introduce inert atmospheres, operate at controlled temperatures, and vary grinding speed, change media type and sizes. Results are repeatable from one grind (batch) to another so the attritor is ideal for formulating, quality control, pilot plant and scale up studies. The material and media are agitated by a shaft with arms rotating at high speed, this causes the media to exert both shearing and impact forces on the material resulting in an extremely fine material measured in microns or fractions of microns.  The laboratory scale attritor is much faster than conventional mills; the unit utilizes carbon steel, stainless steel, chrome steel, tungsten carbide and ceramic balls as grinding media. No premixing is necessary and ingredients can be added at any time during the grinding process.

Common applications are Chemicals, Ferrites, Metal oxides, minerals and coal and reaction and mechanochemical milling.

The Attritors are designed for media ranging from 1/8” to 3/8” and run at RPM’s of 100 to 500 and all share the following features:


  • Variable shaft RPM
  • Adjustable agitator shaft height to accommodate different size grinding media.
  • Bottom discharge grid with valve for easy sampling and discharge.
  • Tank slides forward and tips @ 90 degrees for media discharge and fast cleaning.
  • Jacketed for cooling ( or Heating)
  • Quick disconnects for cooling water.
  • VFD – Variable speed drive system.


Catalog Number Tank Capacity
Working Capacity
Media Volume
010E-500 1.5/5.7 .7/2.7 1.0/3.8 230/460 • 3 phase
010E-510 2.5/9.5 1.1/4.2 1.5/5.7 230/460 • 3 phase
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