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Air Concentrating Table


The Model V-135 Fluidized Bed Concentrating Air Table, uses the principal of dry separation by fluidization to grade or separate heterogeneous mixtures into two or more component fractions, based upon one of three particle characteristics – size, shape or bulk density. As long as two of the three particle characteristics are controlled within certain limits, the Air Table is unmatched in its ability to separate a complex mixture into several fractions across the range of the differentiating characteristic (from light to heavy, fine to coarse, or platy to granular shape). The separation or gradation is made by passing the product over a vibrating, flat, porous deck sloped in two directions. As the mixture is fed to the narrow side of the trapezoidal deck, lower pressure air fluidizes and stratifies the material according to the terminal velocity of each particle. “Heavy” particles sink to the bottom of the material bed and are conveyed up to the heavy discharge by the deck’s vibration.“Light”particles,lifted by the airstream,float off the lower end of the deck. As the material flows toward the broad discharge side of the deck, the material spreads and a sensitive gradation results. Intermediate particles or boundary mixtures discharge between the two extremes. These boundary mixtures, referred to as “middlings”, maybe recycled for further separation, either by hand or by an optional pneumatic conveyor.

The V-135 Air Table is specially designed for laboratory, quality control or continuous low production operation. The capacity of the V-135 ranges from 150 pounds per hour to 500 pounds per hour, depending upon the particle characteristics, such as bulk density and size/shape. The adjustable cutting fingers allow separation into as many as four different fractions. Indexed controls for airflow, vibration frequency and deck slopes are readily accessible and easily adjustable for any type of material. Interchangeable decks are available to meet virtually any application requirements. Deck frames are constructed of wood or aluminum. Plastic material collection containers are provided with each unit.

The V-135 Air Table is shipped ready to operate when stable level surface for mounting. The V-135 Air Table can be used for separating metallic prills from crushed slag, concentrating heavy minerals, removing contaminating plastic from copper and aluminum or removing mica flakes from gangue.

Catalog Number Description Ship Weight Ship Volume
050A-020 V135D Air Table Complete, 115 V/1 Ph/60 Hz 400 lbs. 30 Ft3
050A-021 V135E Air Table Complete, 230 V/1 Ph/50-60 Hz 400 lbs. 30 Ft³
050A-023 Optional Dust System, Hood Cyclone collector, Bag 500 lbs. 60 Ft³
050A-022 Optional Feeder System, Hopper, Vibrating Feeder 100 lbs 15 Ft³

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