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AFK Floor Scales


The AFK Floor Weighing Scale is built for larger scale operations; it comes with an extra-large pan for weighing oversized items and for counting large quantities. The Scale has a backlit LCD display in a sealed keypad to 40mm digits. The housing is Stainless Steel indicators with a cast aluminum base. This scale comes with a rechargeable battery, external calibration, and a hold function freeze on the displayed weight allowing time to elapse without losing the result. The scale also comes with an audible alarm that alerts to overweight situations. RS-232 interface for connection to PC or printer is standard.

Available accessories are data collection software and calibration certificates, please contacts Sepor for details.


110D-101 AFK 165a 165lb/75kg 0.01lb/5g 15.7″x19.7″/400x500mm 28.21lbs
110D-102 AFK330a 330lb/150kg 0.02lb/10g 15.7″x19.7″/400x500mm 28.21lbs
110D-103 AFK 660a 660lb/300kg 0.05lb/20g 15.7″x19.7″/400x500mm 28.21lbs
110D-104 AFK 1320a 1320lb/600kg 0.1lb/50g 23″x31.5″/600x800mm 53.56lbs

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