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15-S Concentration Table & Wilfley Table

Description for 15-S Table:

The Model 15-S Table is a miniaturized version of the full-sized No. 6 Concentrating Table. It incorporates all of the features of this commercial size table, including anti-friction bearing head motion, deck support on a separate steel sub frame and main channel base, plus a vari-speed drive. The end elevation adjustment, one of the most important operating parameters, can be quickly and easily adjusted.  The ease of making rapid adjustments is particularly useful in a laboratory situation, when a wide variety of materials and conditions may be encountered.

The results received from processing ore on the Model 15-S Table can be expected to be repeated in the commercial size tables, such as the Model 6 Concentrating Table. This feature of reproducibility and scaleability makes this table an excellent choice for pilot plant and laboratory work. The Diagonal Deck Design enables the Concenco concentrating tables to deliver higher recoveries, higher grade concentrates, cleaner tailings and a reduced amount of middlings than most tables. Difficult to separate intermediate gravity particles will pass over more than twice as many riffles as they would on a rectangular deck of the same area. This results in cleaner, sharper separations of all particles according to their differing specific gravities.

The Deister Concenco concentrating table features a diagonal deck construction and end elevation design, where in the length of travel and concentrating influences are greater than rectangular types. This feature promotes a high metallurgical efficiency giving good recoveries, high grade concentrates, clean tailings, and reduced amounts of middling. The head motion is for heavy duty service with anti friction bearings, self oiling, and is readily adjustable. The unit includes a variable speed drive and separate steel sub-structure. The end elevation is regulated by a quick acting wheel jack; and the deck incline is adjusted by a hand wheel. Interchangeable decks can be supplied for sand or slimes. 

The popular laboratory/pilot 15-S unit can be packaged ready-to-operate by ordering the 15-SP.  All the user has to do is bolt the bench to the floor, connect to 115v/l/ 60 or 230vll/ 50 power supply, and attach a water supply. Complete with mounting bench having a shelf for an extra deck, product receiving launders, stainless steel cutters, product hoses, mounted motor switch, guard, cord, plug, valved water manifold, and connecting hose. Provision for floor or other drainage should be considered. 

The Model 15-S table can use a slime deck for processing feed particle sizes in the range of 150 to 325 mesh, or a sand deck for processing feed particle sizes in the range of 10 to 150 mesh. The decks are  supplied with ultra-smooth, black rubber covered riffles. Sand decks have rubber riffles, while slime decks have a combination of wood and rubber riffles. The Concenco Concentrating Tables are utilized throughout the world by universities, governments, mines and environmental remediation companies.

Catalog Number Description Lbs/Hr Weight Size
050C-001 Model 15-S With 1 Deck, Stand 400 900 Lbs 24-1/2″ X 50″
050C-005 Model 15-SP, With 2 Decks, Stand 400 1,040 Lbs 24-1/2″ X 50″

Description for Wilfley Table:

The Wilfley Tables are gravity concentrating devices that separate based upon differing densities of the material. They are effective in concentrating high density minerals, such as precious metals, and have been used in metallurgical applications, mineral processing applications, soil remediation and recovering light density ores, such as coal from the heavy density refuse.

The Wilfley Tables have two distinct deck designs available. The sand deck is designed for recovering particles sized from 20 mesh to 200 mesh. The slime deck is designed for recovering fine particles in the range of 200 mesh to 325 mesh. The model 13-A Wilfley Table is ideally suited for lab or pilot plant test work.

The capacity for the 13A Wilfley Table is between 30 and 50 pounds of feed per hour, with lower capacities when using the slimes deck.

Wilfley Tables are available from lab size to production size (maximum 2 TPH).


Catalog Number Description Capacity (Lbs/Hr) Ship Weight Volts/Hz
050C-044 Model 13A, Fiberglass construction 50 Lbs/Hr 330 Lbs 120 V/1 Ph/60 Hz 240 V/1 Ph/50 Hz
050C-045 Model 13B. Fiberglass Construction 125 Lbs/Hr 350 Lbs 120 V/1 Ph/60 Hz 240 V/1 Ph/50 Hz
050C-047 Model 13B, Optional discharge launder      

15-s table

Note: Stand height is 29”, and has approximate length and width dimensions as table.

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