UA Pulverizer



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The UA Disc Plate Pulverizers will efficiently reduce 1/4″ material to -150 mesh at rates ranging from 50 to 200 lbs./hour. The UA Pulverizer is v-belt driven and operates at 900 RPM’s. They are furnished with a set of standard iron alloy grinding plates (255 Brinell Hardness) and in a variety of motor configurations to meet most demanding laboratory applications.

Other grinding plates are available in materials such as Low Phosphorous Carbon Steel, Manganese Steel, Chrome Alloy and Alumina Ceramic. Thermal relays are supplied for 220 volt operation unless otherwise specified. A safety guard is supplied.

The UA is ideal for grinding operations where -6.3 mm material needs to be reduced to 100 microns. Depending upon the hardness and friability of the material, the grinding rate will range from 50 pounds per hour, for very hard material, to 200 pounds for soft limestone. If contamination from iron is to be avoided, the ceramic plates are recommended (010F-092, 010F-093).

UA Dust Enclosure: 

This unit has been specially designed to work with UA Pulverizers. With it’s downdraft design and enclosed work space, it removes dust from the grinding operation. Easy to change filter elements keep operator attention to a minimum.


500 700 FPM


Dust Removal Drawer
Blower Exhaust Silencer
Fluoresent Lighting
Enclosed housing with operation view window Replaceable filter cartridge
Inside Dim: (W) 501/4″ x ( H) 35″ x (D) 36″
Overall Dim: (W) 57″ x (H) 60″ x (D) 37″

Catalog NumberDescriptionCapacityShip Wt.
010F-002UA, 2 HP, 230-460 V/3Ph/60 Hz,Or 380 V/3 Ph/50 Hz50-100415
010F-003UA, 3 HP, 230-460 V/3Ph/60 Hz,Or 380 V/3 Ph/50 Hz50-100430
010F-051UA 51 Pulverizer Plate 8″ Standard Iron Alloy – Stationary12
010F-052UA 52 Pulverizer Plate 8″ Standard Iron Alloy – Revolving12
010F-083UA 83 Pulverizer Plate 8″ Manganese Steel – Stationary12
010F-084UA 84 Pulverizer Plate 8″ Manganese Steel – Revolving12
010F-085UA 85 Pulverizer Plate 8″ Hardened Iron Alloy – Stationary12
010F-086UA 86 Pulverizer Plate 8″ Hardened Iron Alloy – Revolving12
010F-092UA 92 Pulverizer Plate 8″ Ceramic – Stationary12
010F-093UA 93 Pulverizer Plate 8″ Ceramic – Revolving12
010F-094UA 94 8″ Stationary Iron Alloy plate
010F-095UA 95 8″ Revolving Iron Alloy plate
010F-202LD 03 8″ lead dog stationary plate
010F-203LD 04 8″ lead dog revolving plate
010F-200UA-2000S 8″ chrome alloy plate w/ brinell
010F-201UA-2000R 8″ chrome alloy plate w/ brinell
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