Truck Ovens, Large, WTH – B4,
500 F – 1000 F

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Catalog NumberĀ 090C
Standard walk-in ovens meet the requirements of National Fire Protection Association Standard 86, Indus- trial Risk Insurers, Factory Mutual and OSHA standards. For some applications, such as those involving flammable solvents or hazardous locations, the above organizations require additional safety devices. Controls – Digital, microprocessor based, thermocouple actuated, indicating temperature controller
Modulating burner on gas ovens
Motor control push buttons and on-off heat switch Easy-to-see pilot lights

Safety Equipment – Electric Oven
Adjustable, thermocouple actuated, manual reset ex- cess temperature controller
Separate heating element control contactors Re-circulating blower air flow safety switch

Safety Equipment – Gas Oven
Adjustable, thermocouple actuated, excess temperature controller Electronic flame safeguard protection
Powered forced exhauster for combustion venting
Exhauster air flow safety switch
Re-circulating blower air flow safety switch
Latch-type manual reset main gas valve
Testing device to test tight closure of main gas valve Solenoid blocking valve up to 400,000 BTU/HR heat input; motorized backup valve and vent valve over 400,000 BTU/HR Purge timer
High gas pressure switch
Low gas pressure switch

Choice of air flow patterns
Adjustable opposed louvers on full coverage supply Choice of rear or top heat chamber
Available with doors at each end
Choice of floor configurations, flat plate, & insulated floor, truck wheel guide tracks
Exceptionally heavy duty doors
Aluminized steel interior
Aluminized steel exterior with enamel finish High temperature door gasket with stainless steel spring insert
6 lbs/cf density industrial rock wool insulation Brushed stainless steel control panel face
1 year limited warranty
Every oven fully assembled and individually factory tested
Specifications Subject to Change
Without Notice
208 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hz or 230 volts, 3- phase, 60 Hz 380 V/3 Ph/50 Hz, or
460 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hz
Aluminized steel interior. Carbon steel structural members and steel plate painted with high temperature aluminum
paint. Trilite Green enamel painted aluminized steel exterior.


WTC Air Flow

WTC Airflow

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