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Assay Crucible:

The Assay Crucibles feature the standard clay blend and the Colorado Blend of clay crucible. Both are for working temperatures up to 2,000° F.
The standard clay crucible is designed to give suitable use under standard operating conditions. The Colorado Blend clay crucible has a higher thermal shock rating, and will generally have a longer life in assaying applications.

Zirconium Crucibles:

The remarkable corrosion resistant qualities of Zirconium are beginning to be used extensively in the Chemical Processing Industry. Zirconium will withstand a wider range of caustics and acids to a greater degree than any other commonly used fabricating material.

It is no secret that zirconium crucibles cost more than porcelain, steel or nickel. Quite a bit more. But, based on an average number of fusions which can be made in a zirconium crucible, as opposed to those of nickel, the ratio of longevity stands at 20 to 1. Therefore, the higher cost of zirconium crucibles is recovered three times over. In addition to cost effectiveness, zirconium crucibles hold several advantages over other materials. If compared to platinum, several distinct advantages are readily apparent.

1. Improper procedure in heating over a Bunsen burner can cause the reducible contents to be converted into harmful, low-fusing metals which may react with the platinum.

2. No platinum tipped tongs or special triangles are required for handling hot zirconium crucibles.

3. Sudden contact with cold, metallic surfaces will have no deleterious effects on a zirconium crucible.

4. Hydrofluoric acid is the only cleaning agent which should not be used to clean zirconium crucibles.

5. Smoothing and shaping after use is not a special consideration. Zirconium crucibles require a minimum of specialized care.

6. The inherent strength of zirconium precludes the necessity of reinforced rims and thicker bottoms as is the case of platinum in certain instances.


Clay Crucibles


Zirconium Crucibles


Catalog NumberVolume (CC)Height (in)Diameter
090G-008224.43.56440 Lbs30 Grams
090G-012305.253.54840 Lbs40 Grams
090G-004133.82.886433 Lbs15 Grams
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